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Superior Soda 450g

AUD $49.95

10% GST included.


Superior Soda 450g Description

Time to Alkaline your Body.

Superior Soda is an all natural Sodium Bicarbonate. Its produced from nature itself & NOT chemically produced. There is no chemical conversion. Every plant, animal, the ocean & almost every organ in the human body produces bicarb for many reasons. Being from nature itself, you are assured of its purity, quality & strength.


The objective here is to provide comprehensive Quality Assurance Information regarding Superior Soda.  It is crucial to note the various grades of Sodium Bicarbonate exist & each grade has its own distinct production method. The grade includes industrial, technical, feed, food & pharmeutical grade among others. The quality, purity and strength vary greatly among the grades along with several other attributes.


NON GMO / Gluten FREE / Aluminium FREE / Certified KOSHER / HALAL / Cruelty FREE / Vegan Friendly / 100% Food Grade.





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