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Opty.NC Collagen Renew

AUD $90.00

10% GST included.


Opty.NC Collagen Renew Description

A Complete Dermal Support Elixir. Comprehensively designed to address the signs of skin aging, offer complete dermal & gut support for increased collagen production, enhanced skin elasticity tone & hydration. 180g

How to use:- 1-2 serves per day. in water or food.

Ingredients:- Collagen Renew Opty Blend (certified sustainable Marine Collagen Peptides from Wild Atlantic Fish (78%), MSM Sodium Hylauronate (2%), Silicon Dioxide, Ascorbic Acid, Opty Biotics (Postbiotics Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Rhamonsus, Bifiobacerium Longum)

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