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Bath Soda 900g

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Bath Soda 900g Description

Time to Alkaline your Body.

Naturally sourced Sodium Bicarbonate. Bath Soda offers a perfect way to relax your tired body after a hard day's work. It's completely natural Sodium Bicarbonate sourced from nature itself, entirely free of chemically processing. No chemical conversions are involved. Bicarbonate is produced by many orhganisms, including plants, animals, the ocean & almost every organ in the human body. Since Bath Soda is derived from nature, you can trust its purity, quality & strength.


How to Use

BATH:- Place 3-5 tablespoons of Superior Bath Soda in your bath & dissolve into the water. You can check the pH & Alkalinity of the Water by using the Alkaline Strinpes. Soak for 15-20mins.

BABY BATH:- Place between 1/2-1 tablespoon of Superior Bath Soda into a baby bath & dissolve into the water. Check pH with Alkaline stripes. Soak for 10-15mins.

FOOT SPA:- Place between 1-2 tablspoons of Superior Bath Soda into a foot spa & dissolve into water. Check the Alkalinity by using the pH & Alkaline Stripes.

SPRAY BOTTLE:- Place between 1-2 tsps of Superior Bath Soda into a bottle & dissolve into the water. Check the alkalinity by using the pH & Alkalinity Stripes. Spray a fine mist onto the skin as required. Let air dry & do not wipe.

PASTE:- Mix 1 tsp of Superior Bath Soda with afew spoons of Vit.E cream to make a paste. Apply paste to the skin as required & cover with a bandaid or bandage. Change paste at least twice daily.


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