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RadianC Facial (1hr) $120

A truly addictive experience. This facial includes a Cleanse, Exfoliation, Fruit Enzyme Peel, Face, Neck & Dec Massage, Mask, Scalp Massage, Hot Towel removal, Hydrate + SPF. Leaving your skin feeling hydrated, radiant and youthful. (UPGRADE OPTION: Microdermabrasion for $40, LED Light Therapy $50, Collagen Eye Mask $35)

LED Light Therapy (1hr) $150

For that radiating WOW skin texture, our non invasive LED Light Therapy works at a cellular level to heighten the cells internal functions, to stimulate dermal blood flow & create faster healing so your skin always looks rejuvenated.  Paired with the Lumafuse Hydro Jelly Mask which delivers intense hydration/plumping boost to your skin. Includes:- Cleanse, Exfoliate, Peel, Face, Neck,Dec Massage, LED + Lumfuse Mask, Hydrate + SPF. (UPGRADE OPTION:- Microderabrasion $40, BioRe Peel for $85 )

BioRe Peel / Micro / LED / Lumeafuse Mask (45mins) $250

The Creme de La Creme intense treatment designed to be done every 2wks. BioRe Peel is an advanced TCA Peel that leaves you with an instant result. Not your typical peel,  alittle more high end. This super misturising formula stimulates the skin & biosynthetic processes, essential to counteract the effect of skin aging & oxidative damage induced by UV Radiation, Poor Diet & Pollution. A 2 phase peel, lipophile & hydrophilic. One phase stabilizes & hydrates. The 2nd phase removes outter dead cells, revitalizes & neutralises free radicals. The 2 phases work together to provide a dramatic transformation without any downtime, just a slight peel. Reccommend as a course of 6 or ADD this amazing peel to you next Micro, Cool Jet Plasma, Facial or Skin Needling Treatment.  Targeting Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Hydration Levels, Even Tone, Brightening, Pores, Scarring. A very popular treatment with ZERO downtime.

Pro Dermal Peel / Micro / LED / Lumeafuse (45min) $185

An amazing treatment that can be done wkly for 6wks or as a one off boost every month. Working on Brightening the Skin, Fine Lines, Pigmentation. No downtime.


Microdermabrasion is an effective non-invasive resurfacing technique to help diminish fine lines, open pores, clogging & scarring by refining the skins texture leaving it with a luminous healthy glow.

1x Xpress Microdermabrasion (30min) $85 

 3x Xpress Microdermabrasion (30mins) $235

Deluxe Microdermabrasion (1hr) $150

A results driven treatment to Brighten & Revive your skin. Includes Cleanse, Exfoliation, Oxygenating Peel, Micro, Facial Massage, Alginate Mask, Scalp Massage, Hydrate, SPF. (UPGRADE OPTION LED  + Lumeafuse Mask $100)

Skin Fit Peels (30 mins) $100

Often hailed as the lunchtime peel to renew and invigorate. SFP are great paired with a Microdermabrasion. Offers immediate results for skin concerns ! (UPGRDADE OPTION: Microdermabrasion for $40, LED Light Therapy $50, Collagen Eye Mask $35)

Pro Dermal Power Peel (45mins) $130

A double wammy cosmedical grade peel experience, double cleanse, pomegranate exfoliation, peel x 2 (customised to your skin at the time) topped off with an alginate mask, hot towel removal, hydrating moisturiser + SPF 30+. Offers vibrant results immediately for anti-aging, pigmentation, brightening! (UPGRDADE OPTION: Microdermabrasion $40, LED Light Therapy $50, Collagen Eye Mask $35, LED + Lumafuse Mask $100)




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